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Collaboration Tools

Communicate to your team via multiple channels

Workforce Management IS collaboration. The ScheduleSource TeamWork Workforce Management System was designed from the ground up as a highly collaborative application that empowers employees to manage their working life and provides real time visibility to actual data to all users. It provides access to information, communication options and specialized functionality like swap board and auto-scheduling that together streamline the scheduling and schedule administration process, improve time/attendance data visibility, accelerate payroll close-out and most importantly, ensure that the on-going process of accomplishing your organization’s mission is streamlined and accurate.

Collaboration tools include messaging, calendars, alerts and other notifications. But in addition, the employee portal, where leave, schedules, availability, preferences, swaps, bids and much more are presented to employees, provides a collaborative gateway to employees that creates a powerful interactive platform for the ongoing collaboration of workers, employers and work teams.

Collaboration Tools
  • Swap board for employee:employee swaps
  • Availability board for Scheduler posting of shifts
  • Volunteer utility for managing volunteers for special assignments
  • Messaging for intra-app communication
  • E-mail notifications for external communications
Management Collaboration
  • Shared reports system
  • Private messaging
  • Audit trails and Event History tracking
  • Calendars for events planning
Employee Portal Tools
  • Employee configurable notifications setup
  • Leave management system, with notifications
  • Employee to employee messaging
  • Swap and availability boards