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Employee Scheduling

Optimize the plan and manage change

Your workforce scheduling system manages a workforce in motion! Once the staff planning and optimization process has produced staff plans, the Scheduler takes over and has to staff, publish and manage the actual schedules. The two critical factors, both of which are expertly addressed in the ScheduleSource system, are the creation of appropriate work schedules and the continuous management of schedule changes.

Building schedules with absolute conformance to organizational policy, procedure and labor law, or with sensitivity to employee availability, preferences and skills requires an extremely complete and configurable system to manage and synchronize all of the critical data elements. ScheduleSource TeamWork masters all of these critical elements to ensure not only that schedules are easy to build and manage, but also to ensure that they are fully compliant with your business requirements.

Building Schedules
  • Automatically deploys forecasts
  • Automatically deploys staff plans (templates)
  • Automatically deploys work or vacation bids
  • Schedulers can manually create and assign shiftin any schedule
Assignments Management
  • Auto-fill: one click schedule assignments
  • System enforces skills, qualifications, credentials
  • Scheduler can manually assign/re-assign at any time
  • All assignment history including swaps is auditable

Once published, schedules change continuously with employee call-outs, leave, swaps, changes in forecasts and other factors. Schedulers need complete access to employees and employee status to be able to manage or allow employees to self-manage change. ScheduleSource TeamWork was engineered from its inception as a Scheduler-centric system that enhances the scheduler’s ability to manage the workforce effectively.

TeamWork Integrated Tools
  • A Scheduling/Time integrated view for real time “absent/on” status
  • Schedule defects for credentials, budgets or other compliance rules violations are instantly visible
  • Substitutions are checked automatically for conflicts
  • Messaging and alerts keep all personnel informed of changes
Employee Self Service
  • Swap Boards for employee swaps
  • Availability Boards for scheduler posting of new work
  • One view access to availability, leave, swaps, bids, schedules and time
  • All employee self service options and access are controlled by the scheduler