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Library Operations

Flexibility and fairness while reducing inefficiencies

Libraries provide essential services to communities world-wide. Managing schedules and tracking time for full and part-time employees with diverse credentials becomes a time-consuming task as staffing levels increase or budgets are reduced. Balancing the workload across a library's staff must be done fairly and efficiently to maintain morale and reduce turnover.

Increasingly library managers need tools to help eliminate time spent tracking and implementing schedule changes while maintaining staffing policies.

TeamWork 3.0
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Time and Attendance
  • Credentials Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Leave Management
TeamWork Mobile
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Interactive functionality from any smartphone
  • Post, swap and claim schedules
  • Self-service for diverse and mobile workforces
Compliant Schedules and Employee Self-Service
  • Allow staff to interact with the scheduling and shift bidding tools through any smartphone thereby increasing convenience, communication and wait times for completing and approving scheduling requirements.
  • Reduces the administrative burden on managers and frees them to focus on primary management objectives.
  • Configurable project/task labor cost accounting maintains budget requirements and tracks workloads.
  • Saves time and increases productivity.