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ScheduleSource TeamWork™ scales to support any size organization, from a 25-person small business to the most dynamic multi-site, multi-national or high-mobility organization employing thousands of workers. The application is web-based and hosted in the cloud, with both desktop and mobile access, enabling a new level of collaboration across your organization while minimizing the expense and effort involved with maintaining in-house hardware and software.

Designed to meet the needs of everyone
  • Workforce schedulers
  • Time administrators
  • Payroll managers
  • Employees
  • Corporate executives
Delivers fully on your critical requirements
  • Strong labor compliance controls
  • Effective labor optimization tools
  • Auditable access to labor utilization data
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Exceptional employee self-service capabilities
Convert historical data and demand drivers into working staff plans.
Build optimized shifts, auto-fill by skill & priority, enable swapping & employee self service.
Capture time worked, track attendance, and process & export to payroll.
Capture time worked, track attendance, and process & export to payroll.
Plan, track and manage leave requests.
Track work items & sequential tasks by employee, client, and location.
Share messages, events, and enable instant notifications of relavent changes in the system.
Centralized setup of user roles, employee policies, and location configurations.
Streamline single site setup and configuration.