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Shift Bidding

Online, concurrent bidding with real-time visibility

ScheduleSource TeamWork 3.0 revolutionizes how you manage the shift rotation and schedule assignment process for your shift-based employees who work patterns on a rotation over a number of weeks or months.

Cut administrative costs, speed your scheduling process and boost employee morale while freeing front line managers to focus on other business tasks!

ScheduleSource TeamWork 3.0 puts the power in your hands!
  • Configurable Shiftbids – Configure master shift rotations to include any number or type of shifts and any number of positions within a shift.
  • Multi-dimensional Bidding – Enjoy complete flexibility in designing a schedule that meets both business needs and employee desires. Easily handles duration of shift rotation (number of weeks), organization of days (alternating weekends, days on/off), shifts (day/night) and job station.
  • Concurrent Bidding - Any number of employees can access the system concurrently to select and rank up to 10 shifts in order of preference. Through “bidding in depth,” employees can secure a preferred shift, even when top choices are awarded to more senior-ranking employees.
  • Easy Online Access – Empower employees to access the system anywhere, any time to review bid selections and make changes as often as desired. No more reporting in person for sequential shift selection or hiring additional support staff to conduct phone calls and process paper forms.
  • Visibility Mode – Place the bidding process in either “open mode,” to allow employees to view everyone else’s requests, or “closed mode,” to restrict employees to viewing their own shift availability and bid selections.
  • Real-time Simulation – Preview the assignment of shifts based on all current bid information while empowering employees to better able to select and rank their preferred shifts.
  • Automatic Population of Schedules - Accelerate the process of rolling out new schedules with automatic population of weekly schedules.
  • Robust Seniority and Tie-breaker Ranking Options – Rank seniority based on original hire date, location hire date, or company-specific criteria.
  • Notification Alerts – Issue alerts to inform employees on the status of shift bidding or to prompt employees to take action.
  • Full Reporting – Gain visibility into the details of each shift assignment and know that each staff member received their best possible choice.