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Small Business Configuration

Start small & grow

The ScheduleSource TeamWork Workforce Management system is designed to support any type of user of any size. This configurability means that users requiring just a scheduling system or just a time system can be served just as well as an organization requiring a complete workforce management platform. Likewise, this system will support any number of users and any number of locations.

The Small Business Edition of ScheduleSource TeamWork provides a single location instance of the system to smaller, single site organizations where strong workforce management tools are still a critical priority. The Small Business Edition is quickly deployed and configured. It provides the same functionality as the enterprise system to a smaller user, so there is no loss of capability just because the need is focused on the management of a single site.

ScheduleSource is committed to making the TeamWork system available to any user, regardless of size.

Small-Business Mode
  • Configured for single location management
  • Still provides roles based deployment of personnel
  • Forecasting, credentials, scheduling, time all fully functional