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Work Management

Assign tasks, routes, and clients to scheduled employees

Forecasts provide optimized staffing plans; schedules deploy staff to the optimum shift set necessary to meet organizational demands for labor; the time and attendance system provides complete visibility into actual execution of schedules by employees. The ScheduleSource TeamWork Work Management System is available as a fully integrated system module for those organizations who have the additional requirement of managing actual work items in schedules. Work items can be any work element that is uniquely scheduled and tracked. Examples might include task elements in a retail environment; client visits in home health; delivery customers in a route; or maintenance activities in a production environment.

The ScheduleSource Work Item Management System is designed to be configurable to your specific demands. Any listing or route of actions can be separately created, prioritized and assigned. Actions once deployed can be separately clocked for project cost/billing purposes and can be individually reported for status purposes. Since the system also serves as a Client Management System, work items can be specifically managed or reported by client.

Work Scenarios
  • Routes/Stops/Clients
  • Work Items Prioritization
  • Client based billing
Time Data Management
  • Manual or automated load of work items
  • Work lists easily deploy to employee schedules
  • Changes are instantly communicated to remote workers