Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools include everything that enables and enhances the interactivity of the TeamWork system as a platform for communication between employees, managers and other users.

We believe that the essence of workforce management is exceptional visibility into the state of the organization in terms of staffing, scheduling and employees, and exceptional interactivity of all stakeholders at all times.

Alerts & Notifications

Direct communication of events and issues is critical to the ongoing process of Workforce Management. Whether an alert is an exception report in time, a no-show in a location for a scheduled employee, a scheduling opportunity, a swap board opportunity or any other alert, these instant notifications give all concerned the opportunity to rapidly respond to changing conditions.

Similar to alerts, notifications are communications giving employees advance notice of a changing condition. For example, in a bid scenario, when an employee who has bid is over bid by a more senior employee, the employee needs to know about it so they can access the bid and fix the issue immediately. Likewise when a shift an employee has placed on a swap board is picked up by another employee, both employees and the manager are notified of the transaction immediately.

Extremely Responsive

We can track data and keep specific information about each employee. But the best part about ScheduleSource has been customer service. They are extremely responsive to my questions and have used the feedback I've given them in many useful ways.

Leverage organizational messages, events, and notifications.