Credentials Management

TeamWork™ Credentials Management is designed for workforces with employees who must be certified, qualified or otherwise credentialed in order to do certain jobs. This includes operations which involve legal and/or union requirements as well as time-sensisitve (expiring) credentials.

The system manages exceptions it continuously monitors qualifications that do not require certification, monitors credentials that have certifications and manages all expiring credentials both to alert to renewal requirements and to protect the integrity of schedules by locking out unqualified employees.

Credentials Management is also available to support your mapping of training requirements to specific job types. Even if no specific qualification or credential is required, completion of specialized training may be necessary to ensure competency.

Any training requirements can be loaded and managed both against specific employees, for qualification purposes, or against any specific job station as a core requirement enforced in schedules.

Auto Fill is a Time-Saver

ScheduleSource TeamWork has saved me about a whole day of work per week. I used to use different software but it didn't automatically insert the employees into the shifts. I was almost ready to go back to pencil and paper when I discovered TeamWork.

Manage time-sensitive credentials and enforce in real-time.