Employee Self-Service

TeamWork™'s Employee Self-Service portal empowers your workforce to manage their work life. Employees can view schedules select shifts, and post shifts for others to work. Shift bidding can be completed via the portal, in advance of the bid windows. Leave requests and leave status is accessible, along with formal vacation bids. Finally, visibilty into the team's schedule, leave, and contact information can be enabled for highly collaborative teams.

Swaps, Trades, & Bid Board

One of the most useful tools in TeamWork is the Swap Board. Initially named specifically for shifts one employee wants to give up to another, the use of the Swap Board has expanded to include its being a clearinghouse for any empty shift a scheduler wants to post, any swap action, any specific trade between employees and any individual shift that might be subject to bidding rules. This “clearinghouse” feature helps employees manage changes in their work lives with minimal intervention from management. When enabled, this feature drastically reduces scheduler effort, mitigates call-outs and no-shows and vastly improves employee morale and retention.

Great Service

Equally valuable has been the customer service provided by the ScheduleSource team. They have always been extremely responsive to my questions and comments.

Empower your employees to manage their work life.