Cloud Hosting

ScheduleSource has been providing the TeamWork Workforce Management System as an On-Demand “Software as a Service” platform since 1999. Over the last 18 years thousands of customer suggestions and requests have been incorporated into the system. This evolutionary development approach has resulted in a system that is extraordinarily versatile, completely configurable and for most customers, provides an “out of the box” system that fully meets their business objectives for Workforce Scheduling, Time/Attendance and Workforce Management.

While we do welcome on-premise installations for larger clients, the on-demand system has proven itself with exceptional uptime over the last ten years. Our relationship with, our datacenter partner, has enabled us to deploy a "dedicated cloud" solution - a flexible, scalable, virtualized environment running on dedicated (not shared) hardware. Today, we work collaboratively with them to ensure that the system is fully available and fully capable of meeting the demands of any size enterprise.

Whether sharing a “multi-tenant” platform or using a custom configured installation, the ScheduleSource system is designed for maximum security. This includes highly redundant systems from end to end to ensure availability, secure, encrypted data transfer protocols, controlled backup/recovery processes.

The on-demand system is available as a subscription service with no up-front costs, or as a fully licensed product licensed to you and hosted by us. The license option gives the client the option of re-locating the system to an in-house platform or third party datacenter.

Great for our Employees

ScheduleSource makes things more organized. Employees know where they are supposed to be and where they need to go next. There is a lot less tension between the employees.