The heart of any Workforce Management System are the tools that ensure that the information needed to keep operations running smoothly is 100% available to the right people as needed.

TeamWork Reports is not just a reporting system. It is a sophisticated reports designer, reports scheduler and filtering system that puts exactly the right data, in exactly the right format, into the hands of all users everywhere who need it.

Reports design is not just a configuration of data; you can build reports with logic statements to extract exception data, alert to changing conditions, automatically notify managers of discrepancies or rules violations and to provide periodic updates to managers, schedulers, time administrators and all other users. Virtually any condition of activity within TeamWork can be monitored and reported to any audience at any frequency.

This approach to reporting takes it to a new level. Reports goes well beyond information on a page and becomes a virtual management assistant providing real time visibility into any activity, for any group, for any period, in any format, and provides that information automatically on your schedule.

A Great Addition

ScheduleSource has been a great addition to our organization and we look forward to the new features continually being added.

Develop custom reports and deliver automatically to stakeholders.