Implementation & Training

Deploying TeamWork is tailored to the objectives of the client. Smaller, single site organizations with a relatively straightforward scheduling requirement can be deployed completely over the web. In these engagements the configuration of the system and training run concurrently to ensure the client’s system administrator is conversant in all of the workflows for properly deploying the system to their organization. On-line help system and video tutorials give users most of the information they need to get started. On line live training sessions and intensive support during the go-live and post-go-live periods will result in a highly efficient and successful implementation.

Larger enterprise deployments may require formal project management methodology including formalized Statement of Objective/Statement of Work scope documents, formalized review processes and ongoing customer satisfaction monitoring. These larger engagements might include standard or custom integrations, forecast data modeling and optimization, custom compliance rules for scheduling or time rules for the time system, custom training programs, custom reports design, and in some cases, custom development for final tuning of the system to customer requirements.

Generally larger organizations prefer to engage a “train-the-trainer” model where we focus our resources on certifying a client team to deliver the product internally. We welcome this approach.

ScheduleSource has a very experienced in-house implementation, training and support staff with, collectively, many decades of experience working with our products. We also can and do work with implementation and training partners where warranted. Staff for any engagement is subject to client approval at all times.

Twice as Fast as Before!

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