With TeamWork, health organizations empower employees, ensure optimal staffing levels and reduce administrative burdens.

Solutions for Healthcare

There is a delicate balance to scheduling and workforce management for hospitals, clinic groups, home healthcare dispatchers and other healthcare practitioners. Effective care requires effectively scheduling the right staff with the right credentials at the right time – every time. We provide acuity-based nurse staffing tools to ensure coverage and optimize care.

  • Acuity based staffing tools ensures optimized nurse coverage.
  • Improve staff morale and reduce turnover by optimizing schedules and accommodating individual working time preferences.
  • Save on unnecessary overtime and overscheduling.
  • Allow staff to access scheduling tools and shift bidding on any device.
  • Easily meet all union and regulation requirements.
  • Optimize schedules based on business rules and historical data.
  • Allow staff to access scheduling tools and shift bidding on any device.

With TeamWork, facilities and practices can meet mandated staffing levels (including acuity-based nurse-to-patient ratios), manage float pools, and meet regulatory and union requirements with just a few clicks, all while keeping the preferences of both medical and non-medical staff in mind. Alerts ensure only qualified personnel are scheduled and manual changes abide by any unique restrictions or limitations.

We're probably one of the largest student employment departments at a U.S. university with more than 700 active workers filling 1,500 shifts per week. Without TeamWork, it would be impossible for us to stay compliant with state labor laws.

We manage close to 500 people with countless skills across 80 locations during our peak season. Before TeamWork, our supervisors spent the vast majority of their time just handling who was coming in for their shifts and who wasn't. Now, employees are empowered to swap and trade and we can handle everything with just three individuals.

TeamWork gives my employees the ability to edit their availability from any computer. It's quick and easy and I don't have to wade through messy slips of paper or emails to find the information I need and reenter it because it's already there.

We were amazed at how easy it was to get set up and to run TeamWork. In just a few hours we had employees entered in the system and our shifts filled in and we were ready to run a schedule.

The flexibility that TeamWork has given to our anesthesia department has been outstanding. Product support has been excellent. It has been fantastic to get rid of outdated paper schedules.

Most of our federal contracts are armed so there is much higher level of liability if you don't track officer qualifications. With more than 2,000 active employees in 100 locations across a dozen states, we rely on TeamWork to keep us compliant and efficient. But it's the integrity that really makes the biggest difference.

There is no software to install on a local machine so employees can access it where ever or when ever they like. I can recommend this service without reservation!

TeamWork has saved me about a whole day of work per week. I was using different software before but it wasn't nearly as automated as I needed. It was so difficult, I was almost ready to go back to pencil and paper. Then I discovered TeamWork.

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