Staff Scheduling

Schedules are tremendously versatile. You can create any number of schedules for any number of groups, or combine all work groups in a single schedule. You can take any existing schedule and use it as a template for future schedules. You can deploy a fully configured, fully staffed schedule that is fully optimized to include staffing plans, bid results, emergent manual adjustments and any other requirements, for any period, literally in minutes.

Moreover, you can create a completely unassigned schedule and, by using the auto-fill function, immediately deploy your staff into the schedule with full enforcement of all of your work rules.

At any time you can create new shifts, make manual adjustments, delete or edit data and generally fully manage the schedule in all respects to the precise requirements of your business.

ScheduleSource Scheduling is an exceptional toolkit that puts your team to work quickly and efficiently. It is easy to use, easy to configure yet provides amazing power to rapidly deploy a fully qualified, fully available workforce into all of your staffing work centers.

Swap Board

Swap Boards and self-scheduling options mitigate change management for the scheduler by giving direct change management authority to employees. Every transaction is tested for compliance with your policies before it is allowed to be completed.

Online Employee Self-Service

Online scheduling was very important to us because all of our workers are students. Many travel home on the weekends, sometimes to a town a few miles away and others to different states. The ability to see their schedules and set their availability online makes it easier for them to see when they need to be back on campus, or if they aren't able to make it back in time for their shift they are able to put their hours up to swap.

Start optimizing your staff scheduling today.