Time & Attendance

TeamWork Time and Attendance is a fully integrated and exceptionally robust time and attendance system in use by organizations large and small around the world.

It provides precise clarity into activity and time exceptions, supports any time or pay rules, is integrated with the scheduling system to provide real time "absent/on" information and supports any type of time data capture devices over the web, including pc's, clocks and mobile devices.

Pay Rules & Timesheet Submission

Time is captured by "type" in accordance with the labor cost accounting system and results in the creation of a listing of every time component in terms of actual time and cost code. The roll-up of all time entries with appropriate coding is processed through the rules engine to apply rules to cost codes to convert time into the appropriate levels necessary to add overtime, shift differentials or any other rules.

Time sheets, once edited, approved and locked, and with rules applied, are converted into an exportable file with a single click, thus accelerating the process of providing a readable data file to your payroll system.

TeamWork™ Time and Attendance retains your data in accordance with your retention policies to ensure that you have access to information you need now and in the future. In addition, you can easily run a time report and export it to your own systems.

A Great Benefit

After looking at a few different programs we came to the conclusion that ScheduleSource had the features we were looking for, online scheduling, online hour swapping, and easy to use. ScheduleSource has been a great benefit to our organization.

Streamline your time collection and attendance tracking.